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Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter

Written By: City View Plumbing & Heating

Why You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter

Every car owner has either run out of gas or gone too long without an oil change. When these things happen, they bring your vehicle to a standstill. Without the proper maintenance, your car doesn’t remain driveable for long.

Homes are even more complicated than cars. Every home has a network of systems that govern the air flow, water flow, filtration, temperature, humidity, plumbing, and many more functions. Keeping track of the maintenance requirements for every system that is integral to the smooth operation of your home can be tricky, and once in a while, a maintenance task falls through the cracks.

Some preventative maintenance tasks are more pressing than others. One that cannot be overlooked for more than a month or two at a time is the changing of your u air filter. If you have a furnace, it is constantly working (especially in the Minnesota winter) to make sure your home is properly heated. Neglecting to change the filter is similar to trying to drive your car without gas: it’s ill-advised. The team at City View shares how an old furnace filter can cause serious problems for your home and its occupants.

1. Air Quality

The purpose of any air filter is to help catch the floating debris that are circulating in your HVAC system and being distributed throughout your home. Filters are great for snagging dust, dirt, pet hair, pollen, and a variety of other irritants and allergens. Many homeowners don’t even know that their furnace has an air filter. However, this filter is continually purifying the air entering and exiting the furnace. If the filter gets too saturated with debris, it no longer serves as an effective sponge for floating particles, and the air in your home gets dirtier and more irritating as a result.

2. Functionality

Just like your car needs fresh oil to stay lubricated and to function smoothly, your furnace needs a clean filter to avoid operational issues. If the filter is clogged with debris, this will trap heat within the furnace system, causing it to overheat. Consistent overheating of your furnace will inevitably wear on the parts and lead to frequent powering on and off, which will decrease the lifespan of the unit. A simple filter, if not changed regularly, can greatly increase the frequency and cost of necessary furnace repairs.

3. Safety Risk

When a furnace overheats and malfunctions as a result of a dirty air filter, it can be dangerous. In addition to higher levels of pollutants in the air, an overheating furnace can even spark a fire or cause the melting of items close to the unit.


A clogged air filter will cause your furnace to work harder to heat your home. The added output will use up more energy, driving up your heating bill during the winter months. And as mentioned, a furnace that is under more strain will need repairs or total replacement if it is regularly left to function with a dirty filter.

The solution to these problems is simple: change your furnace filter every 1-3 months. Establish a regular practice of checking the filter once a month. If during your monthly checkup, the filter appears clean to the naked eye, you are likely safe waiting another month, but never leave the safe filter in place for more than 3 months at a time. If you are not sure how to locate your filter or need help determining which filter to buy, consult a professional at City View – we’d be happy to help steer you in the right direction.

When Was the Last Time Your Furnace Was Serviced?

If you can’t remember the last time your home heating system was inspected by a technician, it’s safe to say that you are overdue. For nearly 70 years, City View Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning has been serving the homes of our local community with excellence and diligence. Schedule an appointment today for a professional servicing tech to make sure your furnace is functioning safely and effectively.