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How to Make Sure Your Heat System Lasts the Winter

Written By: City View Plumbing & Heating

How to Make Sure Your Heat System Lasts the Winter

You never rely more on your home heating system than during the midst of the cold Minnesota winter. Around here, winters can be long, and making sure your home is warm and comfortable during those months is essential to a stress-free season. Just like any mechanical apparatus, heaters require maintenance from time to time. Neglecting this crucial step could have your family bundled up in blankets and waiting for a repairman.

As the temperature dips this year, there are a few steps you should take to ensure your system is running at full capacity. The technicians at City View share how you can meet any issues head-on by evaluating and updating your heating system now.

Run a Full Test

If your heating system has been running in the background for days, turn it off and let it settle for a few minutes. Once you ignite it back on via the thermostat, you should hear the furnace click into motion and stay active. If any component is misfiring or working incorrectly, the system may have trouble staying on, in which case, you have diagnosed a major issue and you should contact a heating professional right away.

Conduct a thorough check of each part of the system as well. Check to make sure the thermostat, vents, and furnace appear to be performing their designed tasks. If anything looks awry or is not responding to your commands, make a note and call for professional servicing.

Clean and Replace

Just like you cannot expect your car to run smoothly without ever changing the oil, you likewise cannot expect your heating system to work well with filthy ducts and old filters.

Check your air filter once a month, and replace it no less than once every three months for 1” filters.

Addressing the ductwork can be slightly more involved, but is just as important. At least once a year, have your ducts professionally checked for breaks, mold, rust, and dust buildup. Having your ducts professionally cleaned every couple of years is also a great practice to ensure the quality of air being distributed throughout your home.

If you have pets or a family member with asthma, filters and ducts should be cleaned at even more regular intervals.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

The only way to truly know the health status of your heating system is to schedule a professional to perform a full evaluation and tune-up. A licensed HVAC technician will be able to thoroughly check and clean each component, including the furnace combustion chamber, blower, and heat exchanger.

Having the technician walk you through any necessary adjustments to your system as well as train your family on proper operation is always a plus.

The trained professionals at City View have experience servicing, installing, and repairing furnaces, boilers, and in-floor heating systems in all types of homes. Schedule an appointment today to make sure your family is warm and cozy this winter.

Stay Warm with City View

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