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What Is Water Conditioning and Why Do I Need It?

Written By: City View Plumbing & Heating

What Is Water Conditioning and Why Do I Need It?

Water conditioning is not simply a matter of comfort or convenience, but an absolute necessity for any healthy home or office. City View explores why you should prioritize investing in a quality water conditioning system today.

What Is Water Conditioning?

At the simplest level, water conditioning is the process that makes water cleaner and safer by straining out unwanted minerals and contaminants. It’s through this conditioning that we are afforded water suitable for bathing and drinking.

Water conditioning can be broken down into two main processes: purification and softening.

The term “water purification” relates to the cleansing of water of chlorine and other harmful contaminants. Purified water is strongly recommended for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Water softening relates to the removal of totally dissolved solids from the water supply through a process of ion exchange. Minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium can become dissolved in water depending on the source; this can cause a change in the taste or potability of the water.

The processes of water conditioning help address these issues.

Why Is Water Conditioning Important?

In Minnesota, nearly 25% of homes use private wells to supply their water. The water drawn from these wells is often laced with a variety of minerals and, if not treated properly, will be cloudy, dirty, unhealthy, and poor-tasting.

There have been cases of drinking water contamination around the United States, which can lead to significant bodily harm. Investing in proper water conditioning is as important as any health and wellness investment one can make for their property.

What Should I Do?

The best step you can take towards safer and cleaner water is to consult a water conditioning expert. A qualified technician will be able to diagnose any issues and recommend a proper water treatment solution.

At City View, we have an enormous suite of services that are designed to make your water the best it can be. These include:

  • Water softener repair and replacement
  • Iron filter repair and replacement
  • Reverse osmosis repair and installation
  • Filtration systems for arsenic, tannin, manganese, and PFOA

A technician from City View can offer a free lab analysis of your water today to determine if any of the above services will help improve your water system.

We also specialize in plumbing solutions for your faucets, water heaters, pipes, and many other amenities. Take a look at our full plumbing service offering here.

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